Aman Resorts
A suite of websites for a prestigious resort brand
Identity / UI / Animation
  • Art direction
  • Digital styleguide
  • Website design
  • Component library
I completed this project while working as a Creative Director at Matter of Form. As part of a wider rebrand after a change of ownership, Aman Resorts commissioned us to us to produce a new suite of websites for the global Aman brand and its portfolio of properties. We were also partnered with branding agency Construct London to work on the digital aspect of the new brand guidelines.
We worked closely with Construct London to produce a visual direction that built on Aman's refreshed offline communications. We drew on Aman’s existing portfolio of photographs, retaining the minimalist aesthetic of the print executions and allowing the photography to speak for itself, whilst introducing some depth and tactility through the application of textures and colour palettes inspired by the natural surroundings of each location. This approach gave us a coherent graphic language with which to give each property its own identity without undermining its attachment to the Aman brand.



Pitch Layouts

Aman Group / Homepage
Aman Group / Accommodation
Aman Group / Destinations
Aman Group / Itinerary

Website Layouts

Aman Group / Homepage
Amangiri / Homepage (Route 1)
Amangiri / Homepage (Route 1 alt)
Amangiri / Homepage (Route 2)
Amangiri / Homepage (Route 2 Alt)
Amangiri / Suite Landing Page
Amangiri / Suite Inner Page