A brand refresh and ui toolkit for an online gaming startup
Identity / UI / Animation
  • Art direction
  • Digital styleguide
  • Website design
  • Component library
  • Prototyping
  • Illustration
I worked with online gaming company Slotser on three fronts: user experience, interface design and brand identity. The incumbent interface had become cluttered and the identity elements were inconsistent.

Slotser wanted to refresh the brand and ui to appeal to casual social gamers and accommodate some of the new meta-game concepts on their development roadmap such as XP, missions, achievements and collectables.
I chose a purple/pink colour palette, vivid gradients and bold cursive typography to help the brand stand out in a competitive market and become easily identifiable compared to its previous palette of tonal blues and geometric sans serif. The refreshed identity also includes custom icons, cartoony illustrations, chunky user interface elements and exaggerated animation in order to build on the social game aesthetic, pitching the brand further towards its intended audience.

App Layouts

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