Two Rabbit
Identity and illustration for an Aztec inspired micro brewery
Identity / Illustration
  • Logo & identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Printed collateral
London based independent brewery startup Two Rabbit Brewing Co commissioned me to design a logo, identity, label design and print collateral. The brand name is the literal translation of Ometochtli, a generic name in Aztec mythology for various deities associated with alcohol.
I created a logo centred around a stylised rendering of a deity representing Two Rabbit. The logo is surrounded by the brand name in custom lettering. Hops and leaves frame the logo mark which in turn are encircled by drunken rabbits laid out in the circular format of the Aztec horoscope. The illustrations are loosely based on images of Aztec art and sculpture further stylised and simplified into line art at a single stroke width. This allowed a certain amount of complexity without becoming unmanageable at small sizes.

As the labels needed to be easily updated by the owners themselves, each additional brew uses the same label design with a new colour scheme and title. I also developed a repeating pattern incorporating elements from the label and a series of hand drawn rabbit illustrations as additional assets to be used in communications and printed collateral.

Identity & Brand Guidelines


Printed Collateral