MOF Gallery
A concept app for galleries & museums
Identity / UI
  • Art direction
  • Digital styleguide
  • App design
  • Prototyping
Digital agency Matter Of Form approached me to create a concept app for art galleries to accompany a thought piece and conference presentation on the state of the gallery experience. I was asked to produce a set of flows and prototypes that would highlight how existing mobile experiences could be used to improve the visitor experience.
Time constraints did not allow me to gather insights via formal UX processes, Matter of Form instead provided me an article detailing observations and insights. Relying on this source and further discussions with the team, I developed three focus areas in which an app could enhance the current gallery experience: seamless transactions, intuitive and context specific interactions, and easily browsable and relevant content. I used the backdrop of a curated tour through a gallery’s permanent collection as the context in which to allow me to demonstrate how galleries’ existing assets could be easily leveraged to increase visits during and between temporary exhibitions.

I started with paper prototypes quickly laying out the flows that would be required to identify what screens and interactions would be required. I then recreated these flows as high fidelity mockups working on the look and feel as I progressed and finally produced the animated prototypes. Upon completion I delivered a longform walkthrough video of the journey in its entirety, alongside individual clips of each flow.

App Flows

Minimise queuing times, control foot traffic and gain valuable insights into visitor preferences and behaviour with NFC check in.  
Location Aware
Serve content when and where it’s needed though an adaptive home screen that recognises whether visitors are at the gallery or away from it.
Fast Navigation
Allow visitors to focus on content by providing instant access to navigation.
Intuitive Browsing
Card based content makes browsing fast and engaging and opens up opportunities for intuitive gesture-based interactions such as ‘save for later’.
Curated Content
Breathe new life into permanent collections with curated themed tours and give visitors the power to curate their own.
Gesture Control
Leverage platform specific gestures such as 3D touch to make content discoverable intuitively without cluttering the interface.
Accurate Wayfinding
Allow visitors to access the map quickly from anywhere within the app just by rotating their device. Improve wayfinding using Smart Tones or low energy Bluetooth beacons to guide visitors and locate points of interest.
Context Specific
Locating visitors accurately within the space allows the app to serve content relevant to their immediate surroundings.
Smartphone API
Use the device’s accelerometer and gyro to create seamless interactions, such as allowing visitors to autoplay audio when lifting their device to their ear.
Smart Curation
Pull in relevant rich media content from external sources to provide further insight and engagement for visitors.
Familiar Features
Allow users to create collections of their favourite works in the same way they might create playlists for their music.

App Design