NHS Shine
Promoting awareness about addiction and mental health
Illustration / Animation
  • Art direction
  • Illustration
  • Animation
The National Health Service (NHS) commissioned me to create a series of short animated clips to promote the SHINE campaign which focused on mental health and wellbeing. The animation was used to communicate the physical wellbeing services offered to mental health patients at the NHS Recovery and Wellbeing Colleges around the UK.

Animated Clips

"In CNWL we support people with their physical health and wellbeing together with their mental health. The mind and body are not separate, and what affects one will affect the other.”
Our mission
"Recovery and Wellbeing College courses are based on a model of coproduction.  This means that people with lived experience of mental and physical health conditions develop and deliver training alongside those with clinical experience. Our mission at the College is to inspire hope, nurture a greater sense of control and increase opportunities for self development.We are offering  workshops to support you in your overall wellbeing, and to help you to develop a plan to improve your health.”
Healthy eating
"Eating a healthy and balanced diet can make a real difference to our physical and mental health.  The food we eat affects our thoughts and feelings. Likewise, our thoughts and feelings affect our choices of what we eat, when we eat, how much we eat. In this workshop we will explore some of the challenges faced and the practical ways that we can eat more healthily.”
The College
"The Recovery and Wellbeing College runs a workshop which explores ways in which a healthy lifestyle can support our physical and mental health, and enhance our overall wellbeing.”
Your wellbeing
"This introduction to wellbeing explores ways to increase our resilience and feel better.  It also explores  some of our other physical health courses , and how it can be possible to make a real and positive impact on our physical health.”
Healthy heart
"There is so much that we can do to take care of our hearts: by eating healthily, being active, and being aware of what affects our risk. Changes don’t need to be made all at once.  Small, steady changes over time can make a huge difference to our health.”
Drug use
"This workshop, which is run over 2 half days,  is for people who are curious or concerned about their own alcohol or drug use, or of someone they care about. We will look at the reasons why and how people use drugs or alcohol and whether their usage is a problem or not. We will also look at how people have taken back control of their lives from them.”