Sargent Disc
An application suite for the film industry
Identity / UI
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The Digital Production Office® is a suite of digital products and services for the entertainment industry from Sargent-Disc and its partners. The suite is designed to improve workflow, and increase awareness of sustainable production.

Over time the suite of applications and the associated marketing communications had evolved organically and was beginning to feel disjointed. To tackle this issue, I was commissioned to design a new mark for the Digital Production Office® and icons for the individual apps within it. The brief highlighted the importance of sustainability to the Sargent Disc brand and the need for the applications to retain their own identity. This was significant because products were intended to be sold and marketed both individually and as part of the suite.
I produced a mark, logo and a set of application icons as required. In addition, I had to bring some much needed consistency to the communications work and to ensure that the mark and app icons would feel congruous in a variety of contexts. To achieve this I delivered a simplified brand book outlining the building blocks of the new visual identity system with examples and guidelines of how they might be applied in practice.

Identity & Brand Guidelines

The iris mark is inspired by the company’s heritage in the film industry and leads the visual direction. The six segments represent the six applications in the suite, their leaf-like form and the circular motif reinforce DPO’s strong message of sustainability.
Colour Scheme
The colour scheme features predominantly greens and blues to emphasise Sargent Disc’s green credentials with purple introduced as a counterbalance. The colours were picked from naturally occurring hues then brightened to give the brand a bright energetic personality in keeping with the environment at Sargent Disc.
Framing Device
At the discovery phase of the rebranding process Sargent Disc were already busy developing refreshed versions of their applications using Google’s Material Design framework. A lot of time and effort had already been put into the application workstream so Sargent Disc were eager for the rebrand to cohere with what had been produced whilst retaining an ownable identity distinguishable from the stock Material Design environment.

In response to this challenge the application icons were designed to complement Google’s stock icons with the addition of a hexagonal framing device formed by the negative space at the centre of the iris mark. To differentiate the icons further and tie them back to the mother brand, each application was given a different colour scheme taken from hues of the master gradient.
In Use
To further assist the team working on the applications I provided some easy to implement mock ups of key application screens demonstrating how some of the new brand assets might be used with minimal disruption.