The Hoxton
Using digital to connect a community
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Boutique hotel chain, The Hoxton, commissioned digital agency Matter Of Form to develop ideas around how the hotel’s digital channels could be leveraged to help improve the guest experience. The focus was on three areas: facilitating integration of local day users and hotel guests, delivering the experience of ‘living like a local’ to first time visitors and providing guests with a more relevant and personalised experience during their stay.
The team and I mapped out a typical guest’s user experience journey, focussing on the pre stay and during stay segments to identify pain points and opportunities. We  used the insights from this exercise to develop a set of features and content ideas, such as ‘the Concierge’ and ‘HoxHub’ as further detailed below, that could be rolled out on the Hoxton’s digital platforms. The team produced some initial user flows from these ideas from which I selected three to refine into high fidelity mockups and prototypes for presentation.


The concierge feature delivers a more seamless, personalised experience to guests during their stay and takes some pressure off in venue staff.  Accessible via the website or app, the concierge serves users with contextually relevant content via an intuitive chat interface removing the onus on guests to browse through endless listings. Guests are also able to quickly and intuitively arrange in hotel services through this feature .  
Hotel staff were struggling to meet the demand from guests at peak times. Guest experience was relatively generic with little personalisation.
Concierge 'Nearby' Flow / Guests served with partner offers
Concierge 'Arrival' Flow / Guests order room service on arrival
Concierge 'Local Tips' Flow / Guests served with content based on preferences

Hox Hub

The HoxHub connects local visitors and guests by incentivising locals to become active articipants in the community. The HoxHub encourages local visitors be they creators, business owners or just in love with the neighbourhood to share their knowledge and local insight through classes, workshops, exhibitions, meetups and events in return for access to facilities, promotion on the HoxHub platform and preferential rates.
There has been limited interaction between local day users and hotel guests. Day users often use the public areas to work and don’t contribute to the community.
HoxHub / Logged in view of the HoxHub homepage on desktop
HoxHub / Join the community landing page


The sample itinerary allows guests to browse and book activities based on preferences captured during the booking process and surfaces local insights and guides provided by HoxCommunity members. This helps familiarise guests with the area and provides an insight into the events and activities taking place during their stay to ensure they arrive in the know and make the most of their visit.
The hotels were missing an opportunity to communicate with guests and inform them about the the local area and what was on offer between booking and arriving.

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